You have a moment to spare?

Should you have a few spare moments before or after the conference, you can enjoy the different aspects that can be discovered in Brussels.

Everything is easily accessible and at close range, connected through the dense public transport system. You can travel in a sustainable way (metro, tramway, …) from one side of the city to the other in almost no time.

You can choose among a large number of museums to be visited, such as The National Gallery of Arts, the Magritte museum, the Comic Strip museum, the Musical Instruments Museum, the Brewer’s Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Horta museum… Or you can opt to take a tour around a variety of historical sites.

Famous for its Comic Strip heritage, Brussels counts about 60 walls which are decorated with themes from various comic strips. You can find them at random throughout the city, or take up a map and make a tour.

The variety of parks and green areas in the city centre as well as the continued efforts of local businesses to become greener make Brussels a truly ‘Green Capital’ which is very pleasant to explore on foot.

Or you can wander around the Brussels’ shopping boulevards, such as Avenue Louise or Rue Neuve, … or discover the latest Belgium design and fashion stores at Rue Dansaert.

In the evening you can dine in the variety of restaurants spread over our cosmopolitan city, offering international dishes or local specialities: Belgian ‘fries’, ‘waffles’, chocolates, ….

Belgium is famous for its beers. Please make sure you taste at least one before leaving the city. Lively areas such as Place St. Gery, Place Luxembourg, Place Catherine …. offer the possibility to do so in the presence of many locals.

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