Discover market-ready proven technologies

Visit our Technology Exhibition – November 20, 21 & 22

Are you a policymaker looking for solutions to support future-oriented policies, a researcher interested in discussing cooperation opportunities or an organisation in search of market-ready technological solutions? Then visit our Technology Exhibition.

Companies from Brazil, China, Flanders, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, the United Arab Emirates as well as VITO (the prime research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development in Belgium), will showcase market-ready proven technologies. Discover the services they have on offer, and understand how their know-how and solutions can help you contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Turn climate change challenges into business opportunities

Join the Industry Night – November 21, 18:45 – 23:00

How does your business engage with the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forward by the United Nations? How do you capture new business opportunities to contribute to a sustainable world? Are you already working on any of such opportunities right now?

Whatever the case, learning from others and sharing experiences is vital in making progress. The Industry Night at this year’s G-STIC conference offers you an opportunity to do both, while enjoying a “World of flavours” dinner by our award-winning chef Seppe Nobels.

Network with policymakers, investors, researchers and captains of industry, and exchange invaluable experiences. Learn from keynote speakers Chad Frischmann (Project Drawdown), Alain Bernard (DEME), Richard White (AB Inbev) and Sophie Souied-Soussan (Unilever). They will highlight emerging and rising trends, and testify how businesses can drive growth and productivity while contributing to achieving the SDGs.

The private sector in the spotlight

Sharing experiences about business opportunities

To realise progress in tackling the tremendous sustainable development challenges ahead, transformations in the private sector are crucially important. Our official suppliers have not just been selected based on their commitment to SDG implementation leadership, but also on the real-world examples of sustainable products and services they have on offer.

Do you want to contribute in 2020? Contact Strategic Partnerships Manager Jan Van den Broeck, via

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