Monitoring Acid Mine Drainage in Sweden

Abandoned mining wastes such as tailings have been reported to cause potentially long term environmental problems. These wastes generally contain sulfide minerals which may undergo oxidative weathering, resulting in the production of sulfate and leaches of low quality known as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD).

In view of the negative environmental effects of AMD, there is a global need for detecting, monitoring and understanding its environmental impacts in order to aid the development of remediation actions.

Here is your challenge:

Develop Acid Mine Drainage monitoring possibilities using Copernicus Sentinel-2 data on mine tailings at Yxsjöberg in central Sweden.

The data available for you to use

Sentinel-2 satellite observations are globally available with a high temporal revisit rate and special resolution. Because of the good coverage of the VNIR part of the electromagnetic spectrum and the fact that the main absorption features for iron minerals occur in this part of the spectrum, we anticipate that it is possible for detecting spatial and temporal effects of AMD.

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