"Meet the Buyer" event on November 20 - Blue Gate Antwerp & Green Energy Park

Cleantech solutions for smart mobility and multi-energy grids

Present your solutions to Blue Gate Antwerp & Green Energy Park

Do you have solutions that can contribute to sustainable fossil-free mobility solutions or a smart multi-energy grid? Are you looking for a unique opportunity to present your solutions in one-to-one meetings with key decision-makers from Blue Gate Antwerp or Green Energy Park? Take the chance to pitch your solution on stage for all Living Lab attendees on November 20.

A smart mobility hub to connect Blue Gate Antwerp with the city

Blue Gate Antwerp is the climate-neutral business site for innovative companies with a clear ambition to accomplish linear growth through circular operations. This business site will build a fossil-free fuel grid to realise an entirely fossil-free mobility hub. Logistics will be shared to reduce (half) empty truck rides, while shared cars will be available on-site. The fossil-free fuel infrastructure must be ready or adjustable to support the future deployment of autonomous vehicles.

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A CO2-neutral multi-energy grid in Green Energy Park

Green Energy Park is a centre of excellence in sustainable energy systems, mobility, smart regions and healthcare technology. An on-site green data centre offers the capacity to support the computational needs of research institutes and businesses. A multi-energy grid is planned on-site, consisting of a (mainly) low-temperature thermal grid and an electric grid. The thermal network will use heat recovered from the data centre to heat the buildings on the site as well as a nearby residential area. This grid needs to be equipped for a bi-directional exchange between the business area and the residential area, allowing every end-user to consume or inject heat into the grid.

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