How to leverage genomics data to make health care more effective

How to leverage genomics data to make health care more effective
21 November 2019 17:25 - 17:40

Speaker: Gitte Pedersen CEO, Genomic Expression

Using Next Generation Sequencing, Genomic Expression has enabled clinical RNA sequencing in oncology. Our OneRNA™ platform enables a paradigm shift from ONE disease, ONE marker, and ONE drug to ONE patient, MANY markers, and MULTIPLE treatment options that go beyond drugs. This could disrupt the current standard of care regime where only 1 out if 4 cancer drugs prolongs life because we treat all the patients the same way while we are spending €100B on cancer drugs and 8 million patients die every year. Our data suggests that we can prolong life for most patients with the existing drugs as the toolbox. In contrast to drugs, regulatory approvals can be obtained in less than 12 month.

Leveraging next generation diagnostic that can detect disease or early signals of disease and provide individualized guidance to treatment options which goes beyond drug prescription and include life style and diet modification is THE tool required to reverse the cost of care.

Genomic Expression will demonstrate that in its OneRNA4Bladder project which aims to cut the cost of managing bladder cancer in half, saving European Healthcare payers €900 million/year. This project is supported with a €3.7M Horizon2020 grant

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