High-level interactive session

High-level interactive session
22 November 2019 12:00 - 13:00

Speaker: Denis Mathieu Science Director, International Science Council
Co-speakers: Dirk Messner Leena Srivastava

This panel will:

• speak to the mutual concern of the scientific and the G-STIC communities to influence STI policy for the SDGs;

• present systemic entry points where the scientific community sees a need for more knowledge production to achieve the SDGs, and assess the extent to which they are a useful framework to address issues raised during G-STIC;

• give reflections on what was observed during G-STIC 2019, specifically in view of the knowledge gaps and research needs related to the key output of G-STIC 2019 (Societal Challenges tables and Deep Dives);

• identify areas of concern where new technologies need to be developed if we are to progress towards achieving the SDGs;

• stress the significance of social factors in the diffusion of technological solutions and in achieving the SDGs;

• identify possible avenues for further direct engagement between the scientific, innovation and policy communities.

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