Youth-led Innovations Driving the SDGs Forward

Youth-led Innovations Driving the SDGs Forward
22 November 2019 09:00 - 09:40

- Marta Galambos, Technology Focal Point, UN MGCY: Introduction to youth forum and outline objectives, introduction to UN MGCY

- Thomas Monaco, IEEE Entrepreneurship: Introduction to IEEE

- Nadim Choucair, Cabinet Collective & Global Goals Jam Berlin: Setting context for the SDGs, the challenge they pose and opportunities they bring; video of Global Goals Jam Berlin as an example of participatory processes for SDG innovation

- Kira Mullally, Project Officer, Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth: Present findings of 2019 Youth Solutions Report, in particular barriers and enablers to impact, based on the submission of 4,300+ youth-led solutions for SDGs from across 170+ countries

- Janati Nakimera, Solar Net metering Uganda & IEEE Entrepreneurship: Journey from idea to energy startup company for rural Uganda recounted by 2018 winner of the G-STIC Video Pitch Competition; introduction to 2019 Competition and Winners

Pitch Presentations presented by Janait Nakimera

1) Ideation Category: Passang Wangdi, Greenovation (Bhutan)

2) Start-up Category: Rex Tan, AEvice Health (Singapore)

3) Growth Category: Venkat Rajaraman, Cygni Energy (India)

- Video compilation of innovations: Showcasing the diversity of submissions to the 2019 Video Pitch Competition

- Jean Paul Gueneau de Mussy, Copernicus Hackathon: Announcing the winners of the Hackathon, using Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) Data

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