Interactive session 2

Interactive session 2
20 November 2019 17:00 - 18:30

Welcome & Brief Introduction of all participants of session 2 (Speaker – Patrick Ferran, Co-president NineSigma)

- Observations of the Current Open Innovation Space in regard to Sustainability, by NineSigma 

- OI2LAB (Speaker – Dr. Tom Vranken, Program Manager NineSigma)

--- Overview of Services 

--- Current Open Call and its opportunity for SMEs and Startups

- Testimony of a successful OI2LAB-user (Speakers – Cris Schultz Carvalho, Managing Director, and Estelle Secondo, Talent acquisition manager, EmbraceRad)

- Open Discussion session 2 – Objectives in your innovation Journey (Moderators – Patrick Ferran and Tom Vranken)

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