Engaging young people to put real change into action

Four years after the United Nations launched the Agenda 2030 and its associated Sustainable Development Goals, progress is clearly lacking. It’s therefore high time for disruptive action, and enable breakthrough technological transitions to achieve the SDGs.

To put real change into action, it is crucial to actively engage young people in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the SDGs at the local, national, regional, and global levels.

Taking the needs of the next generation into consideration

Youth Forum on November 22, 09:00 – 10:30

All G-STIC semi-plenary sessions and deep dives are purposely designed to approach the related societal challenges from an angle which engages all stakeholders, and young people most particularly. 

In addition, the Youth Forum on November 22 is entirely focused on questions such as

  • How to ensure integrated technological solutions take the needs of the next generation into consideration before entering today’s market?
  • What knowledge, tools, and resources are needed to assess the socio-economic implications of technologies and their impact on the achievements of the SDGs?
  • How can foresight on the future impact of technologies help us today to make better-informed decisions?
  • Which enabling science-policy, regulatory, societal, and behaviour conditions can help us ensure long-term trajectories of technologies that benefit people and planet?

    Showcasing youth-led innovations for the SDGs

    To emphasize the importance of youth engagement even more, we have invited young people to showcase innovative technological solutions during the G-STIC conference and join our video pitch competition on youth-led innovations for the SDGs, organised by IEEE Entrepreneurship in coordination with the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN-MGCY).

    This competition was open to organisations and companies with smart, original and innovative ideas on technological solutions and/or business concepts that hold great potential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PhD students, researchers and companies could join in three different categories: product ideation, founded start-ups and growth companies.

    Be inspired by the stories of our video pitch winners

    Join the Youth Forum on November 22

    Product ideation

    Among the video pitches on products originating from workshops and competitions that support any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, Greenovation (Bhutan) was selected as the winner.

    Founded start-ups

    Among the video pitches by companies launching a market-ready product that supports any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, AEvice Health (Singapore) was selected as the winner.

    Growth companies

    Among the video pitches by growth companies generating substantial sales of products that support any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, Cygni Energy (India) was selected as the winner.

    Video pitches have been judged by the winners of 2018

    A panel of experts

    Samantha Snabes

    Samantha Snabes is a co-Founder & catalyst for re:3D, a company built on a community of makers using Gigabot to print human-scale objects using recycled materials. Samantha is the 2019 Chair of IEEE Entrepreneurship.

    Janati Nakimera

    Janati Nakimera is a steering committee member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Uganda Section. Janati is also co-founder and CEO of Solar Netmetering Uganda, a solar energy startup company for rural Uganda.

    Nadim Coucair

    Nadim Choucair is a founding member of Cabinet, a collective of talented individuals wanting to create a positive impact. He’s the initiator of the Global Goals Jam in Berlin, an UNLEASH SDG Talent and an ambassador of the Digital Society School’s Design Across Cultures program.


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